Ill Will to my Love!

That on my last days, you’ll be there to say ‘I will not leave you’, rather than Goodbye.

That when I’m on my way to my last operation, you’ll be right there beside my emergency bed.

That when my body is tired of cuts, and resolved to let go, to let you go, you’ll forgive me.

That while I’m busy fighting for my last breath, you’ll look into my eyes, not crying, not sad, not emotional, but with a  light, bright smile, that would assure me that, It’s going to be okay.

That when the angel of death, is there right on my side, screaming at me, to Come! Come!, You’ll be the angel on the other side, saying, Go rest! Go rest!

That when my right and privilege to open my eyes is taken away from me, you’ll be praying for me.

And Finally, when there is a large distance between us, a life and a death encompassing us, and when our hearts lost contacts, and I can’t seem respond to your late nights cries. Just accept that I’m resting in peace, like you wished me. And MOVE ON.

This is my Will to my love.

Pray for Terminal patients!❤️

Me in me👩‍🦰

She wants to be known and respected,
She also wants a peaceful and silent life.

She wants to be a mother, caring
She wants to be cared for,

She wants to fly round the world.
She want a non-existent life.

She cherishes a gentleman,
But then, wants a rocking star.

The Me in Me wants much, contrasting things
How am I going to satisfy me?

Hot Love, Hot War.💔

Blowing kisses for the missus,
Cuddling lately in the Haily
Pictures up in Medias.
Lost away in the soiree
Warm affections in the dorm
All is lost now.
Not even a eye contact,
Battling, never settling
As if we never loved
Hot love, hot war😭💔

You Moon!

You are brave and courageous
Standing on your own, despite all odds.
You neither compare,
Nor make another’s success, your limit.
You shine and glow.
So bright, the world could see.
Your counterparts, bad and devilish,
But you defined light, with your brightness
The subject of the tale bearer
Your names is heard_
in the mouth of honorable kings.
Though, you stay in darkness,
You’re not dark…. Lighting for the other darks instead.
I envy you and wish to be like you;
You incomparable.
You distinct!
You special!
You Moon!🌕

No Wrinkles🥰

With able bones,
You eat ice creams in cones,
No blurry vision
No dangerous mission,
Walking with two lower limbs,
Not three threatened appendages,
Flying with able wings,
And attaching to superfluous flings,
Time seems it’s unending,
Living life like it’s not ending,
Now seeing, seven kilometers past
Will you flourish now? Or
When you can’t walk a meter fast
Glowing, fresh face,
Thinking in a fast pace
This time is sufficient, or you prefer_
When rime refuses to rhyme.
Running towards what’s not lasting,
When there are goals that are everlasting
You choose to bow now to glow?
Or to bow later to be low?
Exorbitant spendings are cool,
But what will suffice, when there’s loom?
This is the life, the time when,
There are no wrinkles on your face
And no wrinkles on your way.

Away to my motherland…

Traveling by the sea;
Going through the shrubs;
Passing by untarred roads;
Through the cities of my generations past;
To the place, where my ancestry bodies were laid;
The place of peace and unity.

By the walls built thousands of years ago
On my way to the house,
where my placenta were taken care of;
Through the scent of camphor in stored robes;
To the place where palm oil is fetched like water;
Away to the gates of the ancient palaces

To the farewell of mosquitoes at night;
And the greetings of Cuckcoo in the morning;
I’m on my way to my motherland.
No matter how many years, I spend in a foreign land,
I’ll never forget the provinces, that buries my childhood.


Bigger Demon 👿

Hiding from the little scary evil
That is always on my tale
With big fear, running from the devil
That wants to save me as a treasure
In the horrible rock bottom
Wants my talents tamed
And my visions enchanted
Breathing everyday to beating my enemy
Never knew, never knew there was more
More than running dawn to dusk
Than protecting the future from the seen
A bigger demon was there,
Holding me in it’s claws
Laughing weirdly at my foolishness
Looking exactly like me, as if it was me
Bigger than me, still me
Bigger demon was nothing more than my mind, my thoughts, insecurities, fears
It’s combo is just so overwhelming,
Creating a stronger cage,
That had me bound forever.
Made me a prisoner, in the scary graves of ghosts
Living but not seeing
Breathing but not yielding
The roun in this loom
Is that I can set myself free
I’ve gat the pow’r to be free indeed
Messiah included the key to my troubles
Inside my hollow soul
If and only if, I can rise
Rise above my fears, limitations
And all the worms originating from my
decaying thoughts.
I will then be unconstrained and unblemished
Live long and enjoying all through.

Failed Love😭💔

My heart, when will you be free?
Hiding like a coward,
Behind the bricks of failed love
Lofty mind! Tell me exactly when you’ll stop
asking questions about the piece that left
Remember! Oh heart, remember!
That he forsook you and let you go,
In the freezing cold of the winter

Thinking it was a worm, I jumped;
Ignorant of the stucky stick in between, I smiled;
And my fiddling fish ended up in the hot soup
Heart ached, body failed, spirit drowned,
But he never looked backed.
Who on earth would smash a jadite,
Even after knowing it for what it is?
Who on earth are you?
To desert me, when you knew I am rare?

As disgustingly pitiful, as it is, for me;
This psyche wouldn’t help,
Continuously switching the faces of people
With the bitch, that made me blubber.
The joy of holding those big hands
The fluttering of my heart, whenever I sight you
The smile on my face, anytime you comfort me
I thought it would last for a forever,
But you exchanged it all with leaving without a goodbye!

Brain, heart, mind, body, spirit,
I call you to an ordering order
Focus on the signs on the road
On the birds that sings,
But, never on the one that made a fool of you
Save your cries for those worthy of it
Smile, while another joy comes your way.


Have you ever felt deserted by the one you love?🥺

Comment below💝

Breath is Me🌾🌾

Stagnant would I have been,
Indifferent like a log of wood
Lying by the side of the road,
Motionless in winter and summer
Anguished by drops and scorches,
Neglected like it doesn’t even exist

Lifeless would I have been,
Looking at nothing, days by centuries.
Mistreated by all Dick and Harry,
A doll used by Larry,
Thrown and blown.
Couldn’t still say, ‘Stop’.

Inanimate would I have been,
Unconsidered being,
Not even needing,
Landed on by dusts
Walked on by bugs
Genuinely unprivileged and unfortunate.

But God loves me incomprehensibly
Graces me so adorably
And shared his part with me
Without reflecting on how I’ve been
Breathed life into me, the dust of the ground
Definitely Yes! Breath is me.

My Sacrificial Lamb

Ohh!, you one with words,
Here is my ears, verbalize therein.
Masters of wars,
Stay within my precious fortress.
Rebuker of gossipers,
Lend my mouth.
My thighs is available,
Rest and eat on my table
I am celebrating
Wine and Dine with me
Sort of lonely,
Walk with me through Hailey,
You there at the door?
Come in and relax to the core
I may be imperfect,
But I’ll gift you velvet.
I’ll crucify myself, million times
For you, who did the same, so many times.


Who can you crucify yourself for?🎤 Comment below💃❤️

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